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ITV: Illegal cheetah trade threatens to ‘wipe out species completely’

Just 7,000 cheetahs remain in the wild – and their numbers are dwindling due to … Read more »

CCF Illegal Cheetah Pet Trade

Cheetah Pet Trade in the Media

As the COP 17 CITES meeting in Johannesburg has shone a spotlight on the illegal … Read more »


Cheetahs Get a New Chance for Survival (CoP17)

Cheetahs get a new chance for survival as CITES CoP17 approves important decisions concerning their … Read more »

How you can help

Did you know there are fewer than 7,000 cheetahs left in the world today and that they are the most endangered big cat in Africa? (That’s down from 100,000 in 1900.) Over the past 24 years, CCF has been working in Namibia to develop a model that enables humans and cheetahs to live and thrive together. And, it is working! Now we need the resources to scale up.

We have set a goal of raising £3 million per year for the next 10 years – to save the cheetah, definitively.

Help us by raising awareness and donating today.

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Cheetah cubs being sold in Somaliland

Illegal Wildlife Trade and CITES CoP17 – The Outcomes Regarding Cheetahs

CCF Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Laurie Marker, wrote the following for the Huffington Post. I … Read more »

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Cheetah Facts

Individual Cheetahs can be identified by coat markings and the black rings on the last third of their tail
At close to full speed (70 mph), the Cheetah is taking three strides every second – covering 20 to 25 feet per stride

Did You Know?

CCF helped set up Cheetah organisations in Botswana, SA and Kenya