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We are a global leader in the research and conservation of the cheetah. We run award-winning programmes in education, conservation and habitat restoration and are dedicated to protecting the cheetah in the wild.

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  • Somaliland Cheetah Cubs Rescue: Last Cub Moved to Safety

    This morning, with the approval and valuable support of the Somaliland authorities, our last remaining cub was delivered to the safety of a sanctuary. While the cub continues to appear to be in good health, we are pleased to know that from now on he is in a place where he can get all the […]

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  • Somaliland Cheetah Cubs Rescue: Tragedy and Hope

    Despite the best efforts of our Somaliland caregivers, two more cubs have succumbed to what we suspect is a virus or contagious disease. Unfortunately, there are no veterinarians or testing facilities in Somaliland versed in cheetah diseases to help us identify the source. The remaining cub, the biggest and strongest at about 7 kg, shows […]

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  • Fighting the Illegal Trade: Cheetah Cub Confiscation in Somaliland

    Somaliland lies in north western Africa, an autonomous region of Somalia fighting for international recognition as an independent nation. Somaliland, next to Ethiopia and Djibouti, is in The Horn of Africa and very close to the Arabian Peninsula. Based on information provided by contacts in the region, CCF estimates 300 cheetah cubs are being smuggled […]

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