Celebrate the Cheetah on December 4th

International Cheetah Day is the annual day of celebration for Africa’s most endangered big cat, the cheetah. Every year, December 4th serves to remind us that the cheetah is a living natural wonder of our world. As the fastest animal on land, the cheetah occupies a unique niche within its ecosystem and has an earned reputation as one of the more successful hunters in the animal world. Cheetahs evolved for millions of years to be the sleek, and speedy hunters that they are now. Their smaller, specialized body structure favors flexibility and maneuverability over brute force. If they are threatened after a successful hunt, they tend to abandon their kills and hunt again. This makes the cheetah a provider of easy meals for other larger predators, as-well-as an assortment of carnivorous scavengers. They are a keystone species within their ecosystem, keeping the population of small grazers and small mammals in check. They are essential; we cannot lose the cheetah.

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