Walk4Wildlife, Schools Walk

‘I am pleased to support Walk 4 Wildlife and I hope that as well as raising money for your favourite animal charity, the events help to highlight some of the issues facing many of our planet’s most vulnerable species’ Chris Packham

‘I wholeheartedly support this initiative. It is a great opportunity for kids all around Britain to step up to nature’ Simon King, OBE

WALK4WILDLIFE is a nationwide initiative to bring like-minded people of all ages and backgrounds together to raise money for selected wildlife charities. CCF UK is lucky enough to be one of those charities. Following on from their successful events in 2016, Walk 4 Wildlife has announced their plans for 2017.


Do you have or know of any school children who would want to become a Guinness™ World Record Breaker? Not only can they be part of breaking a WORLD RECORD, but at the same time help save the iconic and beautiful cheetah from extinction!

On Friday 19th May, schoolchildren from all over the UK will be attempting to set a new Guinness™ World Record by taking part in the largest sponsored walk ever held anywhere in the world, organised by Walk 4 Wildlife.

If you or your school would like to take part visit www.walking4wildlife.com/schools-walk to register, or if you know a child or school who would like to take part, print out this information sheet and give it to the child’s teacher and ask them to follow the instructions on the page to register for the Schools Walk 4 Wildlife sponsored walk.

Please help us spread the word and share news of the walk on social media using the following handles:

Twitter: @Walk4Wildlife, @CCFCheetahUK

Facebook: @walk4wildlife2017, @CCFCheetahUK

Please tag @CCFCheetahUK in all your posts. Our handle is the same across all social media platforms.

You can also print out the information sheet and leave it in local pubs, bookshops, coffee shops etc.

There are walks to suit everyone and you can register on the Walk 4 Wildlife website. Here you will find help to get started with an information pack and t-shirts.

Participants in The Big 5 Walks who raise more than £250 will also be in entered into a draw to win a safari trip of a lifetime, courtesy of Walk 4 Wildlife, Project African Wildlife and Cheetah Paw Eco Lodge. The winner will jet off to South Africa for a tailor made safari in the Kruger National Park to take part in game drives, bush walks, panoramic tours and unique hands-on experiences.

We’ll be using the money you raise to scale up and roll out our successful conservation programmes throughout Africa and help eliminate the illegal wildlife trade in pet cheetahs.

Most people don’t know that the cheetah has declined in numbers over the last 100 years and is in danger of becoming extinct. Because of human wildlife conflict and changing land use, as well as climate change and the illegal pet trade, the cheetah is now the most endangered big cat in Africa with an estimated 7,100 left in the wild.

We ARE making great strides in protecting and even increasing cheetah populations in Namibia, but we can’t do it without ALL your help!

On behalf of all at CCF UK, a big thank you.