Handmade in Namibia

Thank you for visiting Cheetah Conservation Fund’s online store for cheetah clothes and gifts. We have created a selection of items featuring our official logos and original artwork donated by artists who support CCF. Your purchase helps support CCF and all the work we do to save cheetahs in the wild. Thank you!

Please note that all of these items are unique and may vary slightly from the pictures.

Beaded Necklace £10.00 + £1.95 p&p

Cheetah Bead NecklaceThese necklaces are made by M. Katjipi out in Hereroland. She has been working for CCF for about 4 years and she is one of our best artisans, as she is very fast and the quality of her products is very good.


Himba Bracelet £15.00 + £3.50p&p

Bracelet 2 Those bracelets are made out of PVC pipe, so they look like they are made out of horn or bone. We always call it “fake ivory”. All of the bracelets have different patterns and are made by the local communities surrounding CCF. The PVC pipe does not only look beautiful, but it’s also a great way of upcycling.

Cheetah Paw Necklace £8.00 + £1.95p&p

Cheetah Paw Necklace

These necklaces are made by communities in conservancies out in Hereroland. The craft workshops and training to produce those items has been done in collaboration with “The Peace Collection”. The necklaces are made out of goat hide and coloured springbok fur.


Beaded Cheetah  Face Necklace £15.00 + £1.95p&p

Cheetah NecklaceThese beaded necklaces are made by Agnes (our cook) and her daughter Jessica, who financed her studies by making those necklaces. All of them are handmade and can vary in colour & size.