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Amani the Cheetah“I was caught by a farmer in the Khomas Hochland area (east of Windhoek) when I was about one year old. CCF does not know what happened to the rest of my family as I was too young to be on my own at that stage. The farmer gave me to a lodge, and I was kept there as a companion for their tame cheetah. However, we never got along and after a year they decided they did not want me anymore. CCF fetched me in June 2006. Amani means ‘peace’ in Swahili.”


Aurora the CheetahAurora was brought to CCF as a cub only several weeks old in April 2013. A farmer found Aurora without any sign of her mother and kept her for 2 weeks before calling CCF. When she arrived at CCF her claws had been cut, she was malnourished and was extremely frightened. Since being at CCF she has been introduce to another female cub, Rainbow, who arrived at CCF around the same time. The two have become companions and now share an enclosure.


Rainbow the CheetahIn February 2013, a local farmer found Rainbow by the side of the road and brought her back to his farm. After a week of trying to nurture her back to health, he called CCF to pick her up. CCF found Rainbow in a small cage. She was frightened and while the famer had been able to give her a little food during the week, she was very thin. She was given the name Rainbow in honor of the bright rainbows that had appeared in the sky during the more than three-hour drive it took to retrieve her. She is adjusting well to life at CCF and is quite popular with our visitors.


Ron the CheetahRon and his two sisters, Harry and Hermione, came to CCF in September 2005 from south of Otjiwarongo. CCF was called by a farmer who had hand-captured two cheetah cubs with a third still out in the bush by herself. The cubs were easily caught, due to their young age and weak condition; it appeared that they had lost their mother. Sadly, her fate remains unknown. The third cub was caught a week later and reunited with her siblings.

Ron is named after one of the characters in the popular books by J.K. Rowling and although he appears to be the most aggressive, he is the most gentle of the three siblings, so long as there is a meat treat involved. He is the most dominant, and often chases his sisters around the pen for play, preferring to chase them than chasing lures. Ron’s distinguishing marks are his kinked tail and almond-shaped eyes, which are a very light amber colour. He has a very laid-back personality and is very well behaved.


Harry the CheetahHarry is named after J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter character, because when “she” arrived she had a small lightning-bolt-shaped scratch under her right eye. She is very shy around people and will wait until her siblings, Ron and Hermione, approach people before joining in the fun. Harry is very golden in colour with dark eyes and is only slightly smaller than her brother, Ron.



Hermione the CheetahHermione is named after one of the characters in the popular books by J.K. Rowling and is the smallest and darkest of the three siblings…and the most playful. She has a small teddy bear face and big dark eyes, by far the cutest of the three. She is very gentle by nature, but not as much as her brother Ron. She tends to follow Ron’s lead during feeding. Hermione is the most social and will chase her brother and sister around the pen even though she is much smaller. She is an instigator, but able to hold her own.


Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily the CheetahTiger Lily is one of four Okakarara Cubs, which were brought to CCF when they were only a few weeks old in 2010. Senay and her brothers Khayjay and Peter and her sister live together at the CCF Centre and are being specially trained to be Ambassador Cheetahs. They will meet visiting school groups, distinguished guests, farmers and other people from all over Nabimbia. Tiger Lily loves to chase the lure and keep company with her siblings and works very cooperatively with her handlers.


Peter the CheetahPeter was caught by a farmer in the Khomas Hochland area, east of Windhoek, when he was about one year old. CCF does not know what happened to the rest of his family. As he was too young to be on his own at that stage, the farmer gave him to a lodge and he was kept there as a companion for their tame cheetah. However, they never got along and after a year, the famer decided that he did not want Peter anymore. CCF fetched Peter in June 2006.



Solo the CheetahSolo was born in February 2000, and arrived at CCF in January 2001. She was caught on a sheep farm south of Windhoek with her siblings when she was estimated at 13 months old. What happened to her mother is unknown. In 2001, her sister and brother went to White Oak Conservation Centre in Florida, USA.

Female cheetahs teach their young vital survival skills, including hunting. Without their mother for up to 18 to 22 months, they do not learn these survival skills and are unable to live as wild cheetahs.