Sara’s Blog – Why do people not know about the cheetah!?

Yesterday I went to buy a new cover for my cellphone, of course it had to be a cheetah-cover!!!!!

But I could only find leopard covers – lots of leopard photos and prints, but not one with cheetahs!!! Why is it like this??

I see lots of clothes, shoes and accessories with leopard prints, but none with cheetah spots. The few times that I have seen things with cheetah spots on, they have called it ‘leopard-print’!?

Almost all zoos have leopards, but only one zoo in Denmark has Cheetahs. When people ask me how my homepage and my project is going, they often ask ‘how are the leopards?

I have to explain again and again that it is cheetahs I help. But so many people do not seem to understand the difference between cheetahs and leopards…

I think it is SO easy to see the difference!

My mission is that everyone should know the cheetah! I believe that if people know about the cheetah, as the fascinating running animal that can outrun all other land animals, they will help and donate, so that the cheetah will live forever.

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