Double Your Donation to Save the Cheetah During CCF’s Matching Campaign

Photo by Suzi Eszterhas

During Chewbaaka’s Wild Cheetah Challenge, our matching campaign when your donations will be doubled up to $225,000, CCF needs your help to save the save the cheetah in the wild. Donate to help us protect the cheetahs living in the wild by reducing the two main factors that negatively impact their survival.

While certain areas in Africa and the Middle East experience regionally specific pressures on the cheetah population, the main contributing factors that affect all range countries are human/wildlife conflict and habitat loss.

Your monthly gift will:

  • Help CCF continue our work toward enhancing the economic benefit to living alongside wildlife, like the cheetah. Through education, outreach and economic incentives, local populations that currently experience wildlife conflict can come to understand the benefits of conservation, and become active participants in protecting the cheetah.
  • Help CCF continue our work to ensure sufficient habitat for wildlife, including the cheetah. By working to reduce bush encroachment, increasing CCF land-base of protected habitat and healthy management of wild game populations we can create more usable land resources for both people and wildlife.

Please make a donation to CCF during Chewbaaka’s Wild Cheetah Challenge. With your support we can ensure a future for the cheetah in the wild.


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