Supporting cheetahs with a special calendar


Liz and David Roberts are the owner-operators of AlyKat Images, a family run company based in the south west of England. These amazing CCF UK supporters have recently launched their 2020 cheetah calendar, from which 100% of the profits will go towards supporting our charity.

Get your hands on one here

Liz and Dave with Dr Laurie Marker, founder of CCF

David is a wildlife photographer and photo-journalist and has been a contributor to both local and overseas publications, websites and documentaries for many years. So, as you can imagine, the images are pretty spectacular!

“Although my travels have taken me to many exotic countries, one of my favourite places on Earth is the Masai Mara in Kenya. Whilst I marvel at the majesty of the lion and am drawn in by the allure of the mysterious leopard it is the sheer vulnerability matched with the utter tenacity of the cheetah that grips me.”

Like many others, Liz and David’s love and fascination for cheetahs was nurtured by getting to know the famous Big Cat cheetahs Kike and Honey on Jonathan Scott’s Big Cat Diaries many years ago. When their true love affair with the Masai Mara in Kenya began about 10 years ago they were privileged to get to know Jonathan and Angie Scott and it was during their conversations with them and subsequent communications that they learned about the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

Liz and Dave with Jonathan Scott

“We got to meet Laurie and learn about the amazing work she does when we attended several events in support of CCF in the past couple of years.”


The couple said that some of the most precious days of their lives have been spent in the company of various cheetah families, getting to know them personally- or so it felt.


With the Scotts and Dr Laurie Marker

“We never believed we would actually get to witness all of the interactions that we have and those experiences culminated in being present when the dramatic filming of the iconic cheetah Malaika took place for both the BBC’s documentary The Hunt and more recently Animal Planet’s Big Cat Tales from which the June image was taken.”


The images for the calendar have been carefully selected to reflect some of the couple’s experiences. Liz and Dave wanted to give something back to these wonderful cats as a thank you for allowing them into their lives.


David said, “I am extremely proud and delighted to be able to use my creative skills to support the Cheetah Conservation Fund in its crusade to protect these amazing but endangered creatures.”


  1. Clive Bennett says

    None of the links to buy a calendar seem to work. Tried diff browsers, everything – no luck, they just refresh the page.

    • Hannah Mulvany says

      Hi Clive,

      Sorry about that – we need to remove this page because Alykat are running extremely low on calendars and there’s only a few left. You can still get your hands on them on the Alykat website:

      Sorry again!

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