6 Cheetah Cubs Rescued from Illegal Wildlife Trade

Cheetahs Illegal Wildlife Trade

Our team in Hargeisa has had very little sleep in the last five days. On Saturday morning they were asked to join the Somaliland Wildlife Director to a remote village on the coast. The Coast Guard had confiscated six cheetah cubs of different ages destined for the illegal pet trade. It was a very long drive, but by 3 am they were back at the a safe house in the capital. The cubs were severely malnourished and dehydrated. Some of them also had wounds caused by the ropes used to keep them from escaping. By the third day they began accepting food and becoming more active, but are still under close observation and special care. The dealers, repeat offenders, are in jail awaiting prosecution.

Update: The six cubs confiscated in Somaliland two weeks ago have now been named. Meet Cloud, Mist, Rainbow, Sunshine, Moonlight and Little Star. While still very thin, they appear to improve a little bit every day. Therefore, we are cautiously optimistic about their progress.

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