Art 4 Cheetahs Thursday 13th May at 6PM

Calling all conservation, art and travel enthusiasts!

Join us on Thursday 13th of May at 6PM for a rare opportunity to learn how to draw cheetahs with leading wildlife artist, Mary-Anne Bartlett. Run in partnership with Art Safari, this incredible event will also give you the chance to hear about our campaign to #EndCheetahTrafficking and save the iconic cheetah from the illegal pet trade.

About this free online event #300cheetahcubs

Hosted by Mary-Anne and CCF UK’s Executive Director – Dr Jane Galton – this free event will take you on an amazing journey. It also marks the start of our challenge to gather 300 pieces of cheetah artwork to create a visual representation of the #300CheetahCubs a year that are snatched from the wild and sold illegally as pets.

Focusing on cheetahs you will have the chance to draw from stills and video footage as Mary-Anne demonstrates how she tackles their shape, proportions, and anatomical features as well as looking at their movements and behaviour using photos of beautiful cheetahs.

Throughout the event you will also hear first-hand about our fight to save this vulnerable species from cheetah trafficking.

How to book

For further information and to book your tickets please click here

For any questions please send us an email

What you will need

For this online Zoom event you’ll need:

  • A laptop, Macbook, PC, iPad or tablet to attend
  • A pen and paper (enough to draw three sketches)

How to donate

This event is free to attend but we’d welcome all donations to help end cheetah trafficking. Donate here to show your support.

Cheetahs in the Horn of Africa are at risk of local extinction due to a deadly combination of illegal wildlife trade and human-wildlife conflict. Around 300 cheetah cubs are taken from the wild each year, the majority from the Horn of Africa, to meet the demand of the illegal pet trade. With < 500 cheetahs in the whole area, we must act fast – before it is too late. CCF is intensifying efforts to combat the illegal cheetah trade. We will educate local communities impacted by the trade and forge collaborations to improve law enforcement. We will continue to support confiscation missions and provide life-saving care to rescued cubs.

About Mary-Anne

Mary-Anne Bartlett is a travel and wildlife artist and founder of the incredible Art Safari. Sketching is what it’s all about for Mary-Anne, not exhibitions and shows. She developed a habit of carrying watercolours and a travel sketchbook while at Art College at Exeter and Strasbourg (CIM Dip M, DNSEP Strasbourg, BA Comb Hons Exeter) and sees these tools as the artist’s passport to integration into communities around the world.

Mary-Anne is a cultural chameleon and happy in many countries, cultures and languages. She is especially well-known as an African specialist. As great-great-granddaughter of explorer botanist and doctor Sir John Kirk, Mary-Anne has travel, and Africa, in the blood.

We are so grateful to Mary-Anne and her team for kindly gifting their time and expertise to host this free event.