CrossFit #RaceforCheetahs WOD Challenge

CrossFit Affiliates across the UK are being invited to take part in a special challenge event by the Cheetah Conservation Fund #RaceforCheetahs Challenge

The CrossFit challenge is taking place on the weekend of 12th and 13th June, although the race event is running between the 7th – 20th June so there is greater scope for affiliate gyms to work it into your programming.

Whilst the campaign welcomes any race-related fundraising, a special workout has ben suggested especially for the CrossFit community.

Race against extinctionCheetah cub locked up

Cheetahs are in a desperate race for survival

Fewer than 500 cheetahs remain in the Horn of Africa and around 300 cubs a year are taken from the area, trafficked and sold as pets. If we don’t act, they will soon disappear from the landscape – for good.


The CrossFit #RaceforCheetahs Challenge WOD

In teams, rack up as many metres in 60 minutes as possible, sprint-style.

The format:

15 minutes to rack up metres at each station:
Assault bike/ Erg bike
Ski erg
Suggested team size: 3 (but greater or fewer members will provide more or less rest time)
Only ONE team member works at a time.
Suggested approach: 1 min work, 2 mins rest.
CrossFit boxes can vary the stations if needed due to limited equipment.

We all love a team name, and so we’re encouraging teams to choose a ‘sponsor cheetah’ team name to race for.

The team that racks up the most metres in 60 minutes wins!

Optional individual finisher 

‘Cheetah’ kettlebell farmer carry for maximum distance.
RX weights: 48kg (men) 32kg (women) [Average cheetah weighs 30-50kg]
Winner is the greatest unbroken distance.

As well as a fun ‘box’ challenge, we hope that CrossFit Affiliates will compete against each other nationally: please email us with your winning distance in metres (for the 60 minute race, and the ‘cheetah carry’ if applicable) or send your results in to our Facebook event page – don’t forget to post up your photos and videos!

Ideas to enhance your event

Provide cakes/ cookies etc.
Have a full-on post-workout BBQ and beers
Get a good DJ on the tunes (running/ racing themed)
Race in fancy dress (spots!)
Adapt for a CrossFit kids race too
Invite non-members to take part

Join the CrossFit #RaceForCheetahs WOD Community

Get ready for the event, together.

Join the Facebook event to share your challenge experience and see all the incredible updates from other participants.

We will also be on hand to answer your questions, and to spur you on.




Sign up for the CrossFit #RaceforCheetahs Challenge

How to Register

Please sign up to let us know you’re joining in by joining on our Facebook event page (to be added)
If you have any queries, just email


We’d love as many CrossFit members to get involved as possible, and there are many ways you can collect donations for the cause. Perhaps you could set up a group JustGiving page for your CrossFit Box and ask members to collect sponsorship, or simply ask people to pay a small amount, £3-£5, to take part. Of course you might like to raise additional funds on the day through a cake sale or raffle.

How your support helps

Cheetahs in the Horn of Africa are at the brink of local extinction due to a deadly combination of the illegal wildlife trade and human-wildlife conflict. With your help we will educate local communities to reduce the supply of cheetahs to the trade, work with governments and law enforcement to stop the demand, and provide urgent and ongoing care to rescued cheetahs.

  • £10 to feed 3 cheetah cubs for a day.
  • £20 to deliver community awareness to 10 community members in villages on trafficking routes.
  • £50 to provide much needed veterinary care for 1 cheetah cub.

Together, we can drive lasting change – and save a species.