Alison’s time volunteering at CCF Namibia, part eight

Alison is currently volunteering at CCF Namibia from the United Kingdom as a working guest. While there, she will be sharing her daily experiences with us so that we can have a first-hand look at what life is like as a CCF volunteer!

“Here at CCF Namibia, as well as looking after 42 cheetahs and about 20 livestock guarding dogs, we also have a model farm. This is to try and encourage diversification for local farmers to provide additional income sources. This is the busy season at the moment, with over 25 baby goats being born in January alone.”

“Milk is used in the dairy to make products such as cheese,  fudge,  soap and delicious ice cream which is sold in our shop, and occasionally eaten by working guests! Around half of the milk produced is fed back to the baby goats one of them nicknamed ‘Limpy’ for obvious reasons is in the clinic and required hand feeding as you can see.”

“Others are mass fed via this clever multiple bottle holder.”

“This afternoon was interesting! The adult goats were due to be vaccinated against various gross sounding diseases, so I was part of the team trying to corral 130 reluctant goats towards the vet team holding the little syringes. Goats can be distinctly uncooperative when they don’t want go somewhere! It’s also rather warm for that sort of work – I was certainly looking forward to a shower!”

Tune in tomorrow for Alison’s ninth day!

To find out how you could volunteer at CCF Namibia, please read our pages on Internships and Working Guests.

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