Alison’s time volunteering at CCF Namibia, part eleven

Alison is currently volunteering at CCF Namibia from the United Kingdom as a working guest. While there, she will be sharing her daily experiences with us so that we can have a first-hand look at what life is like as a CCF volunteer!

‘When a cheetah has toothache they have to visit the dentist just like us. In fact they go to a very nice obliging human dentist in Otjiwarongo. They go in a special travel box and are then sedated before the work begins.’

‘If a cheetah cannot use their teeth properly, they cannot catch game so it is essential for their survival in the wild to have good dental health. CCF recently collected a cheetah mum and her four cubs that were were caught in a farmers trap and bought them back to CCF to check their health before finding a suitable release location. This cheetah mum had a broken canine and needed root canal treatment to ensure she remained healthy and no bacteria could get in and cause infection. This treatment was important before being released as she needs to  be able to catch and kill game to feed herself and her four cubs, so a visit was necessary.’

‘We then carried her travelling box and placed in front of the gate which was opened to allow her out  to reunite her with her cubs. As this is a wild cheetah, she was a bit grumpy/confused after her visit so the cheetah keepers kept well clear of her.’

Tune in tomorrow for Alison’s twelfth day!

To find out how you could volunteer at CCF Namibia, please read our pages on Internships and Working Guests.

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