Alison’s time volunteering at CCF Namibia, part four

Alison is currently volunteering at CCF Namibia from the United Kingdom as a working guest. While there, she will be sharing her daily experiences with us so that we can have a first-hand look at what life is like as a CCF volunteer!

“Well that was interesting – over 24 hours with no internet or phone signal we are 44 km from the nearest shop. It’s kind of remote out here! Most of the interns (and staff for that matter) don’t remember life before the Internet ( 1989!) so when it came on today, this is what our lunchtime looked like.” 🤣

“In the absence of the internet, one can always take photos of cheetahs! This is Tiger Lily. I know it’s Tiger Lily because she’s got a small scar across her tear line just visible in the photo.”

Tune in tomorrow for Alison’s fifth day!

To find out how you could volunteer at CCF Namibia, please read our pages on Internships and Working Guests.

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