Alison’s time volunteering at CCF Namibia, part nine

Alison is currently volunteering at CCF Namibia from the United Kingdom as a working guest. While there, she will be sharing her daily experiences with us so that we can have a first-hand look at what life is like as a CCF volunteer!

‘My daily commute has really changed here at CCF, I have to walk about five minutes past these lovely cheetahs which always distract me.’

‘This is Laura who is another of the very few brits out here – she’s Head Cheetah Keeper – her duties have included hand-raising Dominic who arrived here at CCF as a baby – too young to survive on his own. Super envious of her job! She is a Zoologist and used to work at Longleat as a Carnivore Keeper before being offered the dream job out here. She is target training with the wooden spoon to teach cheetahs to respect distance and obey – this helps the cheetah keepers to carry out minor treatments and examinations without having to anaesthetise them.’

‘Here she is again leading the cheetahs out after exercise looking a bit like the pied piper of cheetahs.’

‘In Namibia they have very strong laws and only cheetah keepers can have free contact with cheetahs – it’s also against the law to keep a cheetah as a pet (and enforced unlike some countries), as the illegal sale of cheetahs cubs to people who think they make good pets (they don’t) threatens their survival.

Tune in tomorrow for Alison’s tenth day!

To find out how you could volunteer at CCF Namibia, please read our pages on Internships and Working Guests.

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