Alison’s time volunteering at CCF Namibia, part three

Alison is currently volunteering at CCF Namibia from the United Kingdom as a working guest. While there, she will be sharing her daily experiences with us so that we can have a first-hand look at what life is like as a CCF volunteer!

“The recent rain means Namibia has turned green which is just beautiful to see. The downside is that even the stuff you don’t want to grow starts to grow too! One of the tasks today was to work to clear the cheetah pens of an invasive species that ends up with little thorns on that hurts the cheetahs paws. I worked with this team of interns from the United States.”

“This morning I helped with exercising the cheetahs. The cheetahs  need to run to keep them in good health when in captivity. At CCF we have a lure set up in a pen with a piece of rag attached. Cheetahs run after the rag which is great fun to see. Here you can see Eli, cheetah keeper (dream job alert!) giving a cheetah a treat after his run.”

Tune in tomorrow for Alison’s fourth day!

To find out how you could volunteer at CCF Namibia, please read our pages on Internships and Working Guests.

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