Giles Clark, Wildlife Conservationist and TV Presenter

Giles Clark

Giles Clark, wildlife conservationist and TV presenter, has a great passion for big cats and their conservation. This passion was ignited after volunteering as a teenager at a local wildlife park and has since taken Giles all over the planet to work with some of the worlds’ most endangered big cats. This has included his role as Head of Tigers and Conservation Manager at Australia Zoo and an 18 month stay in India, carrying out vital work for tiger conservation. His TV work includes programmes for BBC Natural History Unit, presenting the very popular “About the House” series with a focus on tigers, cheetahs, jaguars and bears. Giles’ hope is that by explaining the challenges these animals face whilst also engaging the audience, that this will push conservation efforts for these species. Giles interest in cheetah conservation took him to Somaliland in 2019 to witness first hand CCFs’ efforts to tackle the illegal cheetah trade and reduce human wildlife conflict in the Horn of Africa. Giles is proud to join CCF UK as an Ambassador to support the work of CCF.

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Giles at CCF Somaliland with 3 cheetah Cubs confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade in 2019

Giles at CCF Somaliland