Another eleven cubs confiscated in just three days…

In the past three days, CCF has received 11 cheetah cubs seized from traffickers by the Somaliland government. Two were recovered in a rural area and brought to the CCF safe house where they are receiving care and proper nutrition. They seem to be doing very well.

The next day, the military intercepted traffickers on the coast of Somaliland with nine cubs, and they arrested four people.

These cubs are also now at the CCF facilities in Hargeisa, where they are being assessed. The cubs are eating and appearing to get stronger. We have hope this group will survive. More news will follow.

This confiscation comes after 12 cubs were confiscated just two weeks ago, of which just 2 survived due to the ill health they had developed since being taken from their mothers. These two may not have survived their journey to the Middle East without the intervention of the government and CCF.

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