Another Victim of the Illegal Wildlife Trade

Illegal Pet Trade

The Cheetah Conservation Fund confiscated this little cub on New Year’s eve in Somaliland. Its health, due to the inadequate conditions in which he was kept prior to his rescue, was declining

Cheetah Pet TradeCheetah cubs are notoriously delicate, and this one, unfortunately, appeared to have been subjected to treatment that had caused internal injuries. Our associates in Somaliland did everything possible.

Unfortunately, he was unable to overcome the damage he suffered from a tight rope around his waist. Even with all the tools at hand, his internal injuries would have required major surgery that his weak little body would not have withstood.

This is yet another reminder of why it is important to reject the illegal pet trade in all its forms. As we work with governments and stakeholders to find solutions, it is important that the general public report any instance of illegal pet trade or possession, whether it is at a market, the street, or on social media.

International Fund for Animal Welfare – IFAW Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF)

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