April’s featured photographer – Margot Raggett

Margot Raggett is the founder and producer of the Remembering Wildlife series which, through its first four books, has raised £615,000 for conservation projects. This year’s book will be Remembering Cheetahs, which will be published on 12th October and will contain a foreword by Dr Laurie Marker, Founder of CCF. Part of the profits from the book will go to CCF to help us save the cheetah. The Kickstarter campaign to fund the book runs until Sunday, 12th April and can be found here. By contributing £40 to the Kickstarter, you will get your hands on a first edition copy of the book when it is released in October. If you have missed the deadline, you can get your hands on a copy when the book is released later in the year. We will post to the blog and social media when this happens!

Margot kindly shared some of her favourite cheetah images that she has taken over the years, along with some stories about her experiences.

“I’ve always had a deep fascination with cheetahs, since I learned about them in a school, decades before I ever saw one in the wild! I think it is their elegance and fragility, along with their amazing speed, that so captures our imagination. And let’s face it, they are incredibly beautiful too! The fact that I am now able to give back to their conservation – with the help of over 60 wildlife photographer friends – through Remembering Cheetahs is wonderful. With only 7100 left in the wild, so few people realise how very endangered they are and some of the stories I’ve heard about indiscriminate killing by farmers is shocking. I hope our book will not only raise funds for wonderful projects like CCF, but also can be used to educate people as well.”

“This young cheetah was photographed in Samburu in Kenya. The light you can catch in a cheetah’s eye when photographing in the golden hour is magical.”
“This captive male cheetah was photographed at CCF headquarters in Namibia, when I was lucky enough to visit in March. His name is Darwin and they took him in as a cub after he and his brother were confiscated after being kept as pets in a small garage. They were both malnourished and never grew properly, so can never be released into the wild. Thankfully CCF is able to give them a wonderful home.”

“I called this image Amazing Grace as I think it really captures the elegance of the cheetah.”

“Cheetah mothers are formidable, alternating between hunting and suckling.”

“I’ll never forget this moment in the Maasai Mara when the evening light was contrasted against a stormy sky. The approaching cheetah made the scene perfection!”
“Like all cats, affection is an incredibly important part of a cheetah mother’s bonding with her cubs. Here a sub-adult lets mum know how much he cares.”
“Another beautiful morning in the Maasai Mara made perfect by the appearance of a cheetah, just as it got light.”
“This mother had steered her cubs away from hyenas who had their scent. We followed her 10km that day in the Maasai Mara, leading her cubs to safety and this is the moment she finally stopped. You can see her exhaustion!”
Check out more of Margot Raggett’s photography on her website and contribute to the Remembering Cheetahs Kickstarter to help get the book printed or get your hands on a copy when it is released!
Thanks to Margot for sharing her beautiful images and great stories with us!

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