• Young Ambassador: Jeremy

    Hello! My name is Jeremy. I’m 8 years old and I live in Cheltenham. I’ve  raised more than £2,000 for cheetahs. I make  greeting cards that I  sell any chance  I get. My dad has brought them to his work, I sold them at a bazaar, on the pavement and door-to-door around my town. My […]

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  • Captive Bred Cheetahs – An Epidemic in South Africa?

    Since 1975, we have lost half of our cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) population worldwide with only an estimated 7,100 cheetahs left in the wild, confined to just 9% of its historical distributional range. Cheetahs are now predominantly found in Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, and Mozambique. For this reason, scientists are calling for a reclassification of the IUCN […]

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  • Livestock Guarding Dogs from CCF Namibia helping to protect lions in Tanzania

    (Left) This is the last picture of Busara, taken in November 2017. She was in great health. (Right) Busara, see here with a snake which she’d previously killed. Photo credits Ruaha Carnivore Project.   In 2013 – in collaboration with the Cheetah Conservation Fund Namibia – RCP started the first trial of specialized livestock guarding dogs […]

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  • Run Like a Cheetah

    Run Like a Cheetah

    To catch never-before-seen footage of a Cheetah at full-speed, the film crew needed equipment that was just as quick. Credit: Anna Place (BBC) “The problem with filming cheetahs is fairly obvious,” explains Nick Easton, producer director on the BBC’s latest wildlife blockbuster Big Cats. “They’re the fastest land animals, so you can’t follow them running on foot, […]

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  • Patricia Tricorache CCF

    Cheetah Champion: Patricia

    The cheetahs that changed my job description The call that woke me up that morning in November 2005 was unlike any other call I’ve ever received. Until that day, and for the previous four years, I had worn many hats at the Cheetah Conservation Fund, my main responsibility having been strategic communications. That meant that […]

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  • Constance Cheetah Champion

    Young Ambassador: Constance

    Constance during her bake sale We’d like to say a huge thank you to another brilliant Young Ambassador, Constance, who recently made a donation to CCF UK. Constance read an article in The Week Junior about the plight of the cheetah and how they may become extinct if we don’t act now. The cheetah being Constance’s favourite […]

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  • Illegal Pet Trade

    Another Victim of the Illegal Wildlife Trade

    The Cheetah Conservation Fund confiscated this little cub on New Year’s eve in Somaliland. Its health, due to the inadequate conditions in which he was kept prior to his rescue, was declining Cheetah cubs are notoriously delicate, and this one, unfortunately, appeared to have been subjected to treatment that had caused internal injuries. Our associates […]

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  • Big Cats back on the BBC

    Starts Thursday 11 January, 8.00pm-9.00pm, BBC ONE The planet’s top predators, cats enthral us like no other animals. Yet even in among this remarkable animal family some members stand out. Meet the world’s ultimate cats. In Ruaha, Tanzania lions form huge ‘super prides’ in order to hunt giants. Among cats, lions are unusual as they […]

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  • New Guard Dog Litter for Namibian Farmers

    Susie had her first litter on 15 November! The pups are growing fast and will go out to their farms at the end of January to help protect Namibian farmers livestock from predators. Read more about our Guard Dog Programme.

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  • National Geographic: Scientists Fight to List Cheetahs as Endangered

    Three grown-up cheetahs enjoy one of the few open grassland area in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. East Africa has a large population of the big cats, behind southern Africa. PHOTOGRAPH BY STÉPHANIE PÉRIQUET In one of the most thorough studies of its kind, 17 conservationists offer definitive proof that the big cats are dangerously close to […]

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