• Connecting the dots: Human-animal conflict and what it means for the future of species in Africa

    by Jameson Bowman, Guest writer First published at https://cheetahconservationfund.ca on August 18th, 2018 For most Europeans, Africa conjures up images of wild untamed lands, filled with abundant wildlife and unique cultural groups; this perception is relatively accurate. Africa contains 45% of the world’s uncultivated land, it is the greatest wilderness on earth, and humans have lived […]

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  • What’s the Difference Between Cheetahs and other Big Cats?

    By Jan Robertson,  Guest writer First published at https://cheetahconservationfund.ca on September 30th, 2017 The difference between cheetahs and other Big Cats is, first and foremost, the cheetah is not a Big Cat, in the Latin sense of the word. Top 10 Largest Wild Cats When many people think of the genus Panthera, more commonly known as […]

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  • Spring into Action

    By Jameson Bowman, Guest writer First published at https://cheetahconservationfund.ca on May 31st, 2018 The cheetah is one of Africa’s iconic animals and many of us have grown up knowing one single fact about it – it is the worlds’ fastest land mammal – but have you ever wondered what exactly makes it so? Speed Cheetahs have evolved for […]

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  • Breeding Cheetahs is Hard

    by Meredith Hanel, Guest writer, Cheetah Conservation Fund, Canada First published at https://cheetahconservationfund.ca on June 29th, 2018 Habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict and poaching have brought today’s cheetah population down to a mere 7,100 individuals. As the cheetah races towards extinction, wild cheetah conservation efforts and captive breeding programmes race together to save them. Research on captive […]

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  • Light as a Feather

    Rescued Cheetah Cub: Light-as-a-Feather’s story

    My name is Light-as-a-Feather. I was rescued with my sister. WE were only 3 weeks old. I was confiscated by Somaliland authorities. I was poached for the illegal pet trade destined for the Arabian Peninsula. CCF rescued me. The CCF team helped me regain strength from being extremely malnourished and dehydrated. BUT my sister did […]

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  • A cheetah at a mosque near Radisson SAS Hotel in Sharjah.

    Gulf News: Curbing the Wild Trade in the UAE

    A cheetah found at a mosque near Radisson SAS Hotel in Sharjah. Image Credit: Atiq-ur-Rehman/Gulf News DUBAI: In the two years since the UAE’s law banning the ownership of dangerous animals such as cheetahs and lions came into force, scores have been seized by the authorities and taken to rescue shelters. Border agencies and airlines […]

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  • Illegal Wildlife Trade Cheetahs

    The National: Illegal Wildlife Trade ‘funnelled back to organised crime in the region’

    Legitimate shops in Dubai found selling smuggled exotic pets on social media for tens of thousands of dirhams Like many modern markets, the pet trade has migrated from traditional shopfronts to an online world that is becoming increasingly difficult to police. Exotic and endangered species were once sold from the Sharjah Bird and Animal market […]

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  • The National: Syrian Breeders Supplying UAE Illegal Exotic Pet Trade

    The UAE government is calling on Ukraine and Syria to help it investigate the smuggling of exotic animals into the Gulf from the two countries. International authorities have uncovered the movement of about 700 animals, worth $1 million, in the past 18 months from Ukraine to breeding centres in the region. From there they are […]

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  • Cheetah Champion Jeremy

    Young Ambassador Jeremy Raises £1,500 for Cheetahs this Christmas Season

    Young Ambassador Jeremy has been hard at work over the holiday season hand making cards to sell in order to raise money for the Cheetah Conservation Fund UK. Jeremy noticed an opportunity to sell lots of cards to coincide with the Cheltenham Races in November. He sold cards throughout the event and managed to raise […]

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  • CCF Illegal Pet Trade Somaliland

    Another Cheetah Cub Confiscated in Somaliland

    Another cheetah cub has been confiscated in Somaliland. Mariam, a female, is about 8 weeks’ old and had luckily been taken only a day or two prior to confiscation on Christmas Eve, so there wasn’t much time for her health to deteriorate. She was a bit dehydrated but is now under our Hargeisa team’s watchful care, […]

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