• Mary Ack, co-founder of Action for Cheetahs

    Cheetah Champion: Mary

    Mary Wykstra, co-founder of Action for Cheetahs in Kenya (ACK), is our Cheetah Champion for July. Pictured with ACK field officers Jimmy Muli (in Salama) and below with Kivoi Letongoine and youth (in Samburu). I grew up in a small village in central Michigan. Although I always loved animals, I never knew where this passion […]

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  • Cheetah Champion Jeremy – Costa Cheetah Cards

    Eight year old Jeremy Lynch makes greeting cards every night for his not-for-profit ‘Cards 4 Cheetahs’. He gives all of his earnings to his favourite animal, the cheetah, via CCF. With his sister Luci, he sells his cards on the street during festivals, at church bazaars, and door-to-door. He recently had the idea that it […]

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  • How Family Planning can Help Save the Cheetah

    A cheetah in open savanna in Kenya. Photo by: Andrey Naumov / CC BY-NC-ND LONDON — Conservationists and development practitioners may not have always seen eye to eye, but a new partnership between a cheetah conservation charity and a network of reproductive health NGOs is making the case for why these groups need to work more closely together. […]

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  • Thomas Winward

    Cheetah Champion: Thomas

    June Cheetah Champion: Thomas Winward, video producer I couldn’t tell you if it was the long family walks in the woods, pond dipping at school, or David Attenborough’s enrapturing documentaries that kick-started my love of wildlife, but I’m grateful for all of them. Conservation of our natural environment has been a huge part of my […]

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  • Big Cat Festival 2018

    CCF UK at Bradt’s Big Cat Festival

    On 20th May 2018 at the Royal Geographical Society, Bradt Guides held a much-anticipated event. Wildlife fanatics came from far and wide to see big names like Jonathan Scott of BBC Big Cat Diary fame. A highlight among the day’s star-studded line up was the Royal Patron of the Cheetah Conservation Fund, HRH Princess Michael […]

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  • Two Trafficked Cheetahs handed to CCF

    Building partnerships is one of our priorities and strengths in our fight against illegal wildlife trade. Three days ago a partner NGO in Somaliland contacted us about two cheetah cubs and a young gerenuk held illegally. Working together with the Ministry of Environment and Rural Development, the three animals were confiscated yesterday and transported to […]

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  • Just 10 Days Old – Orphaned Cheetah Cub at CCF

    CCF was informed of a small cheetah cub that was orphaned in the Khomas region of Namibia. The Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) contacted us on Friday and CCF staff drove out to meet a farmer reporting that someone had dropped off a cub at her farm. The farmer was looking after the cub […]

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  • Cheetah Champion Meme Runs for Cheetahs

    Amelia (Meme) Zakiewicz, a vet who worked with CCF in Namibia, now working in London and a stalwart member of CCF UK’s voluntary team ran the Brighton Marathon on Sunday 15 April to raise money for CCF UK. She completed the course with a fantastic time of 4 hours! She had been training throughout the […]

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  • Cheetah Champion: Chris

    Most people have their adventures in youth – I am having mine in retirement! I have wanted to come to CCF ever since I heard Laurie Marker speak at the Royal Institution in London in 2014, having been told of the event by the late Rosa King of Hamerton Zoo near Huntingdon, England which I […]

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  • Young Ambassador, Jeremy Update

    I love to sell and find it really exciting to earn money. But I don’t need any toys or any more stuff. I know that the cheetah needs saving more than I need any toy. So I sell greetings cards to raise money for the cheetah and I sit down to make the cards every […]

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