CCF UK Attends Evidence to Action Conference

Jane Galton

In early October, 330 experts from around the world, including CCF UK team members Jane and Tony, joined the Evidence to Action conference in London to discuss how we can collaborate and address research gaps to ensure the best evidence is informing action and policy.

An additional 220 people followed key sessions on our live stream. Recordings are available here. A large delegation of the Evidence to Action organisers and presenters were also invited to attend the UK government’s London Conference on the Illegal Wildlife Trade to further represent research and help close the divide between evidence and policy.

There is a great deal to do – illegal wildlife trade presents some of the most intense and targeted threats to biodiversity, but also areas for clear and dramatic conservation gains. We all have preconceptions about what does and doesn’t work; what is and isn’t right, and what is and isn’t a priority. Reconciling this baggage with our shared dedication to conservation and to the evidence-based approach is an ongoing challenge. How we strive to make our work not only more robust, but more relevant, accessible and meaningful is perhaps the leading challenge to conservation science. That question – how do we translate our evidence into action? – is central not only to this symposium, but to the fate of our entire discipline and to that of biodiversity.

A summary of the research evidence on the trade’s scale, impacts and complexity, the remaining evidence gaps and how we can move forward efficiently following the events, can be found in the Evidence to Action Briefing Note (


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