CCF wins Tusk Trust Grant

CCF wins Tusk Trust Grant To reduce human wildlife conflict with Cheetahs and African Wild Dogs in the Greater Waterberg Landscape, Namibia.

The cheetah is Africa’s most endangered big cat in Africa and African Wild Dogs are the most endangered large carnivores in southern Africa, with an estimated 250 individuals living in the Greater Waterberg Landscape (GWL) in eastern Namibia, where this project is being implemented. Farmers in this area face constant challenges and their actions contribute to the long-term degradation of natural resources. Also, rabies is a serious health concern, with rabid dogs infecting humans, livestock, other domestic animals and the wild species. For these reasons, the GWL has become a hot spot for livestock farmer-carnivore conflict with both cheetah and African Wild Dogs.

Grants from Tusk in 2017 and 2018 contributed enormously to CCF’s efforts to reduce human wildlife conflict. As the next evolutionary step of the 2018 project, CCF is delivering its Future Farmers of Africa (FFA) programme to these remote farming communities in the 4 communal conservancies of the GWL, by training farmers in rangeland management techniques, and providing mobile veterinary services for domestic and livestock animals, thus reducing the retaliatory killing of cheetahs and African Wild Dogs.

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