Cheetah Champion Jeremy – Costa Cheetah Cards

Eight year old Jeremy Lynch makes greeting cards every night for his not-for-profit ‘Cards 4 Cheetahs’. He gives all of his earnings to his favourite animal, the cheetah, via CCF. With his sister Luci, he sells his cards on the street during festivals, at church bazaars, and door-to-door. He recently had the idea that it would be really nice if he could have his cards with his story on display somewhere on the High Street so that his cards could sell themselves, to create a little ‘passive income’ for the cheetahs. Here’s what happened…While we were walking down the High Street past Costa coffee, my mum asked me if I wanted to ask the cafe to display my cards at their tills for their customers to buy. We walked in and waited in the queue. When it was our turn the barista looked at my mum for her coffee order and she nodded at me. I asked the barista, ‘Excuse me, can I please speak with the manager? It’s just a short question.’ The barista chuckled and went in the back to get the manager.

‘Excuse me but could I please have a stand with my cards for sale? I give all of the money to cheetahs.’

‘Yes,’ he replied without hesitation.

Wow! The manager then bought three cards. The next day, my dad built a box that could hold the money and the cards and we delivered the box with the cards to Costa a day later. The sale of cards with the donations brings in about £10 a week which I give straight to cheetahs. Thank you Costa!

Now I have card boxes in two Costas in Cheltenham, and in a Premiere Inn. And we’re building more!

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