Cheetah Champion Sara: A painting auction for the cheetahs

Cheetah Champion Sara
My parents and I were recently looking at paintings, and it gave me an idea. I thought I might get an artist to create a cheetah painting to put up for auction – and all the money would of course go towards saving the cheetah.
An artist whom my parents knew did not think that she was good enough to paint animals herself, but she knew another painter who specialised in animal paintings. I got help from my parents to write to the artist, called Helle. Helle thought it was a very cool project and said she would love to help me. Helle said she would like to donate the painting to help save the cheetah. Here is a page that Helle made about me and the painting project:
Helle is currently painting a very nice big painting (100 x 75cm) and of course ‘my’ cheetah Sara, who lives at Beekse Bergen Zoo in the Netherlands ( front and centre! The painting will be finished late May / early June You can follow the painting process in this link:
The next step was to find someone who to auction the painting. I would like it to be an international online auction, but after some research found out that this can be quite expensive. So my parents helped write a letter to some auction houses and luckily Bruun Rasmussen’s auction house (, which is one of top 10 auction houses in the world, wrote back to say that they would do the auction for me for free! This is very exciting because it means that all the money can go to the cheetahs! 
Now I’m waiting for the painting to be done so that it can go to auction. The auction will go on online and anyone from all over the world can make an offer. I hope you like the painting and will make a bid to support the cheetah! Follow me on facebook,, for updates on when the auction will take place! 
Sara Gepard

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