Cheetah Champion: Thomas

Thomas Winward

June Cheetah Champion: Thomas Winward, video producer

I couldn’t tell you if it was the long family walks in the woods, pond dipping at school, or David Attenborough’s enrapturing documentaries that kick-started my love of wildlife, but I’m grateful for all of them.

Conservation of our natural environment has been a huge part of my life since I can remember, and I grew up with a love of all animals. Here in the UK I’ve always tried to do my part: picking up litter, cycling or walking to work, growing wildflowers in the garden to encourage pollinators. But time and time again I’d hear about magnificent animals all over the world in dire need of support.

When reading about the particularly tragic situation of cheetah in the world I stumbled across CCF UK. Lacking the means to drop everything and head out to Namibia, I jumped at the opportunity to support the team from my London flat.

I produce videos for a living. I work for a video production agency creating branded documentaries, online videos, TV commercials and animations. Having done that for a few years now I knew full well that I could make some engaging video content without needing to spend weeks in Namibia lugging around heavy camera equipment. I chatted with the team at CCF UK and decided to make a short animation highlighting the plight of the cheetah and the work of the charity. 60 seconds of hard-hitting facts and a call to action.

When I produce animations as part of my day job, I work with a talented team of professional artists and motion graphics designers to bring them to life. Creative people who have spent years honing their craft. With CCF UK I had to be a one man band, and dive into software I wasn’t overly familiar with.

I opened up Adobe After Effects and spent my weekends and evenings creating something that I hope communicates the right message. I used high quality assets and incorporated brand colours to build an animated video that both I and the rest of the CCF UK team were happy with it.

I may not be in the middle of the action but it’s rewarding being able to use my skills to help the cheetah – even just a little bit.

We are thrilled to say that Tom has now officially joined the CCF UK Voluntary Team. If you have marketing, communications or social media skills, or there is any other way you can help and would like to volunteer with us, get in touch!

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