Cheetah Safehouse 2 – opening day!

After months of incredibly hard work from our CCF staff and volunteers, we have officially opened our second safehouse in Hargeisa. A huge thank you to everyone on the ground who has been working tirelessly to open the new facility, which is much-needed with our first safehouse being at full capacity.

The new facility will provide a safe place for rescued cheetahs, providing them with the care they need to live a healthy life. At CCF, we are trying to spread as much awareness about the illegal wildlife trade as we can, in the hope that we won’t ever have to build a third safe house and the illegal trade in cheetahs will stop.

If you want to help us to continue our work saving cheetahs in the wild, please share our Charity Film Award-nominated video to help us raise awareness or consider donating to CCF UK.

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