Cheetah Stunt at Dubai Café Under Probe

The owner denied that she was using the cheetah’s images to promote her café and the cheetah was “was just a baby”. (via Instagram)

A Dubai café owner is under investigation for allowing a captive cheetah to prowl around the restaurant.

At the time the cheetah was allowed into the café in Al Wasl, the outlet was not yet formally opened.

But the visuals of the cheetah in the café on social media earlier this month created a storm, and according to Gulf News, the UAE’s top government official responsible for animal welfare is investigating the incident and the cafe owner’s action.

The cafe’s owner apologized, and claimed that she was unaware of the country’s laws pertaining to exotic pets.

A collection of videos was posted on the cafe’s Instagram page earlier this month. Clips also showed the cheetah eating meat on the cafe floor.

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