– Cincinnati Zoo is saving a species one cheetah at a time

OTJIWARONGO, Namibia – With one of the highest densities of cheetahs on the planet, this southwest Africa nation has been called the “Cheetah Capital of the World.” And yet, you aren’t likely to see a wild cheetah on a visit here.

The tawny, black-spotted coats of the fastest land animals on earth help camouflage the elusive big cats in the dry, dusty savannas where they make their home.

But at The Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF)facility here, you can see a cheetah do what it does so spectacularly, the thing that sets it apart. You can see it run. The more than 130,000-acre wildlife reserve and livestock farm, about a 40-minute drive from this small city in north-central Namibia, is one of only a handfulof places in existence where that’s true.

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