Donate and help #EndCheetahTrafficking

The illegal wildlife trade has the potential to permanently damage community ecosystems and livelihoods - with disastrous consequences for wildlife, people and planet.

The trade in live cheetahs is pushing the species to extinction in the Horn of Africa. Here, fewer than 500 adult cheetahs remain and around 300 cubs a year are taken to be trafficked and sold as exotic pets.

The time for action is now.   

To end cheetah trafficking, CCF is tackling the fundamental causes of the trade - including poverty in the source countries, brought about by climate change and human-wildlife conflict.

Community education is vital to stop the trade. 

By making a donation today, you will help us to reach, engage and educate local community leaders and members along the main cheetah trafficking route. Together, we can ensure people understand the long-term value of cheetahs in the wild. Together, we can save a species.

Please join us to #EndCheetahTrafficking.

Thank you for your support!