Don’t Send Me A Card – Jeremy’s story

Don’t Send Me A Card is an online platform that allows users to send charity e-cards, helping them to beat the Christmas post frenzy and support their favourite charities at the same time. This festive season, why not support CCF UK by sending your loved ones a cheetah themed e-card? Check out our selection on the Don’t Send Me A Card website.

One of the cards was designed by 9-year-old Jeremy Lynch, a huge cheetah fan and avid card creator. Read his story below.
I, Jeremy Lynch, started making cards when I was about 6, and still make them now (almost 10) to help save cheetahs. All the proceeds go to CCF to help save those adorable cheetahs. I’m concerned how so many cheetahs are dying, how many people are buying cheetahs from the illegal pet trade, and how so many cheetahs are getting killed. I want to do something to stop it.

When CCF asked for me to make a Christmas card I was more than pleased to do it and for something else that I could do to help. So I drew the cheetah card. I love seeing cheetahs fully extended at super speeds, so I drew that in my picture. If I were Santa, I might want to hitch myself to cheetahs to get around faster. But it’s probably good that cheetahs aren’t hitched up. I would rather they run free.

Get sending now!

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