Evening Standard: Remembering Cheetahs

We absolutely can’t wait to get our paws on Remembering Cheetahs – the upcoming book in the much-acclaimed and impactful Remembering Wildlife series that raises money for the conservation charities to help fund their work. Remembering Cheetahs will help raise funds for CCF and the foreword will be written by Dr Laurie Marker, our Founder. The excerpt below is taken from  the Evening Standard article on 21/03/20.

There are only around 7,100 cheetahs left in the wild, says Remembering Wildlife, a charity book series that raises money to help protect animals.

So far, that charity has released four books to help raise funds for its monikered animal: Remembering Elephants, Remembering Rhinos, Remembering Great Apes and Remembering Lions, donating £615,000 to 38 projects across 21 countries.

Now, the charity has announced its fifth book, Remembering Cheetahs, and says it hit its Kickstarter campaign target to ensure the book gets published in just four hours. The new book will be published on October 12, 2020 and features stunning images of the world’s most endangered big cat donated by leading wildlife photographers. These include Marsel van Oosten, Jonathan and Angela Scott, Frans Lanting, Greg du Toit, and Charlie Hamilton James.

Read more about Remembering Cheetahs and see the amazing images in the book so far on the Evening Standard website

Learn more about the Remembering Cheetahs book as part of the Remembering Wildlife series

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