Exciting funding news for CCF!

CCF has just received some exciting funding news! We are very proud to announce that we’ve been awarded a (just under) three-year grant from DEFRA’s Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund. This will support an upcoming project that will help us combat cheetah and gazelle trafficking in Ethiopia, Somaliland, Somalia and Yemen, working in partnership with the International Fund for Animal Welfare and Legal Atlas.

The project, entitled Legal Intelligence for Cheetah Illicit Trade (LICIT), will help to spread awareness and understanding of existing wildlife trade and trafficking laws amongst enforcers, prosecutors and judges along trade routes. These measures will improve cooperation across borders and identify any legislation gaps, helping to toughen the laws that can prevent wild cheetah trade. The funding will also help to provide training in Ethiopia, Somalia, Somaliland and Yemen and establish support networks in the countries.

This wonderful new project, which will begin on 1st of July 2019, will no doubt have a huge impact for the cheetah and other species that share its habitat.

Stay tuned for project updates!

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