Fauna – the beer brand supporting cheetah conservation

We sat down for an interview with Phil F Howard, Founder of Fauna Brewing, whose new Cheetah Lager will help support cheetah conservation through fundraising and events. But, don’t start frantically Googling with your credit card in hand just yet, the beer doesn’t launch until July 2021 – this is just a teaser for what’s to come!

Tell us about Fauna.

Simply put, Fauna is a beer brand that is inspired by wildlife – for wildlife. I came up with the idea while I was training as safari guide in the Okavango Delta. After a long day in the Bush I was relaxing by the campfire with a beer in hand talking to the other students about all the animal sightings we had seen that day, then suddenly it hit me. Why not combine my two favourite passions, beer and wildlife? Fauna was born. That was back in 2019 and we have come a long way since then. These are our Fauna fundamentals – what makes us, us!

  • Positivity– There hasn’t been much to smile about of late. Climate change, mass extinction and endless zoom calls in your underwear. At Fauna we are determined to keep our heads up and spread joy. We believe that positivity is a core pillar to success in whatever it is you are trying to achieve (including starting a beer brand when every pub is closed).
  • Action – The largest problem currently facing the world is climate change and species decline. We are facing the worlds 6th mass extinction with over 100 species going extinct every day! This is a biodiversity crisis and action need to be taken now. At our core we are a purpose-driven brand. We believe everyone should strive to make a change no matter how big or small. At Fauna we make it as easy as drinking a beer.
  • Community- Here at Fauna we are all about people. From the UK brewing team all the way to the rangers in Africa. Protecting wildlife is all about working with local communities so that nature and people can live in harmony. We are creating a fauna family and increasing the conversation about conservation (over a great tasting beer)!
  • Quality – We are working with some of the finest British brewers with years of experience who have been at the heart of the UK craft beer revolution. All of our beers use only the finest British malts and specially selected hops that make our beers refreshing and full of flavour.

Working with charity partners and CCF UK

Fauna is launching in July with three products cheetah lager, Wild dog IPA and Pango (Pangolin) Table beer. We have partnered with three amazing charities including CCF, Painted Dog Conservation and African Pangolin Working Group. With our support of these charities we try to be as transparent and open as possible. We know we may not be profitable for a few years, so instead of supporting via a % of profits we’ll be donating £1000 to each of our partners on our launch day. For CCF, this will help place and care for two livestock guarding dogs. These incredible dogs protect the livestock from cheetahs, this in turn stops the farmers from going out and hunting the cheetahs and reduces the human wildlife conflict by up to 90%. Further to this £1000 donation we will have at least 4 events a year which will raise funds for our partners. We are also currently building our website on there it will list our 5-year donation goals and what we hope to achieve. At Fauna we are passionate about wildlife and we are determined through our beers to make a big difference.

What inspired you to support cheetah conservation? 

I have always had a love of African wildlife and what strikes me about the cheetah is that its decline is reversible. It’s not rocket science, we know what we need to do…including raising awareness and funding to support CCF’s holistic and effective programmes that tackle key threats to this iconic species. All at Fauna are in awe of all the amazing work they do. We wanted to work with charities that have a big impact but are also relatively small so that we can see exactly where our money is being spent. We don’t want to just send a cheque every year and forget about it – we want to be as involved as we can, hearing and seeing what our donations are helping to achieve.

Although you can’t buy the beer just yet, you can follow Fauna Brewing on Instagram.

~ We’ll cheers to that!

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