bigcatcoffee ccf charity tinWould you like to raise funds for the CCF while enjoying your favourite cup of coffee?

What is it?

Big Cat Coffee is a simple idea to help raise funds by something most of us do every day – drink coffee. Drinking a cup of coffee is an easy, convenient and pleasurable way to help raise funds for the cheetah.

The Big Cat Coffee campaign, started by Shelley Lozano, works to support of the Cheetah Conservation Fund’s Livestock Guarding Dog Project for the conservation of free ranging cheetah in Namibia.

Who is doing it?

There are now thirteen participating venues in the Southampton area and we would like to help to make this a national campaign and bring Big Cat Coffee into every town in the UK!

Some coffee shops running Big Cat Coffee:

How can I help?

1) Go to one of our supporting venues and enjoy a Big Cat Coffee, Cheetahchino, Cheetah Latte, Mocha Cheetah, Cheetahspresso or any other ‘Big Cat’ drink for an extra 20p, or whatever you can afford, by adding your donation to the CCF UK charity tin.

2) If you are a Cafe or other venue wishing to participate in our BIG CAT COFFEE campaign or if you would like to volunteer to help find new venues in your area, please contact Shelley on 07747 804447 or email for further details.

To help attract venues, and keep customers interested, Shelley updates them with her quarterly BIG CAT conservation newsletter and offers free publicity and a mention on her weekly “Wildlife 80’s” radio show – the only local radio show dedicated to wildlife conservation, Southampton’s 103.9 Voice FM.

Shelley can also provide the charity tin and paw print stencils.