Illegal Trade in Live Cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) Report of the Secretariat (Doc. 43)

Cheetah Pet Trade

Cheetahs confiscated in northwestern Somalia, Aug-Sep 2018. (c) Cheetah Conservation Fund.*

  • Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) commends efforts by the Secretariat in collecting information from the Parties as it pertains to illegal cheetah trade.
  • Based on our research, CCF notes that information made available to the Secretariat is unlikely to represent the true magnitude of the trade.
  • IUCN Red List findings show around 7,000 cheetah remaining in the wild, and indicate a declining conservation situation.
  • Many cheetah range states are affected by illegal trade but the majority of live cheetahs leave the continent as cubs from the Horn of Africa for the pet trade, likely impacting wild cheetah populations in Ethiopia, northern Kenya, South Sudan and northern Uganda (est 500 individuals).

Cheetah Pet TradeNearly 300 cheetah have been confirmed in live trade and over 100 in skin and parts (Jan 2015-Jun 2018). The actual numbers could be much higher. Confiscations represent 39% of the total recorded trade (CCF unpublished data).




CCF Illegal Cheetah Pet Trade

Cheetah adverts on social media

CCF urges SC to consider this and any other reliable data in the formulation of recommendations for CoP18.



* Currently CCF is responsible for the care of 14 cheetahs, 10 of which were confiscated in the Somaliland region between Aug 5 and Sept 25, 2018.


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