Illegal Wildlife Trade Three CheetahsWe have encouraging news of the positive impact our DEFRA funded project “Legal Intelligence to Reduce Illegal Trade in Cheetahs” is making in the Horn of Africa. This 3-year project is increasing awareness of wildlife laws among stakeholders along trade routes, and will provide best practices in anti-trafficking legislation, streamline regional legal frameworks and support national and inter-regional collaboration to counter wildlife trafficking in cheetahs and gazelles.

We continue to work collaboratively with the Somaliland government and International NGOs (not funded by the DEFRA project). Government staff are intercepting poachers, confiscating cheetah cubs and bringing them to CCF Somaliland’s Safe House One, where we are currently caring for 39 cheetahs.

There they receive urgent and ongoing care from CCF staff, US Zoo professionals and veterinarians from the UK, Czech Republic and Romanian Vets without Borders who have been working tirelessly to maintain the health of the confiscated cubs. Between May and August, a complete overhaul of the cheetah enclosures was completed, and all cheetahs were given a full examination by a team of veterinary professionals from South Africa, the USA and Romania and other professional CCF volunteers from around the world.

With these wonderful cooperative efforts, we’re increasing our presence in the region to prevent the illegal trade in cheetahs. We’re also developing strategies to better care for the cheetahs currently being held at the cheetah Safe House One and currently developing a second safe house which will provide large enclosures for the growing cubs. Safe House One will continue as the quarantine area for newly confiscated cats and holding for young cubs.

Harry, Shakir, Indie and Veepi are the four oldest cheetahs. Veepi’s legs have greatly improved and it is almost impossible to tell that when he first arrived, his legs were bent and bowed from Metabolic Bone Disease. All four cheetahs are healthy and socializing with each other.

Three young males, James, Johnny and Micky, in the photograph, arrived in September and wonderfully all three are growing with improved health on a daily basis.

Please help us take care of these beautiful creatures and consider sponsoring one as a Christmas present for that special person in your life. All donations are welcome and go directly to supporting the welfare of these rescued cubs.