The planet’s fastest land animal is in a race for survival.

Cheetahs are one of the most iconic big cats, but fewer than 7,500 remain in the wild. Their beauty, grace, speed and individuality make them unique. These factors also make them vulnerable targets for the illegal wildlife trade.

For thousands of years, the ancient world's elite kept pet cheetahs as a status symbol. The same is true today.

Demand is driven by the desire for social status. Supply is driven by poverty in the source countries - a farmer can command up to £70 per cub taken, and a trafficker up to £7,200 for each cheetah sold.

The impact is devastating.

As many as 300 cheetahs a year are snatched from the Horn of Africa, where there are less than 500 adult cheetahs in total - making the cheetah population here at risk of extinction.

All are sold internationally as exotic pets.

We must act fast - before it’s too late.

The illegal wildlife trade is one of the most lucrative criminal trades in the world, worth up to £16.5 billion annually.

Up to 75% of trafficked cheetahs die in transit due to abuse, malnutrition or trauma. Those that survive rarely live beyond two years in the hands of their owners. Of those CCF rescues, most will have lost their ability to survive in the wild. But there is hope...

Join the fight to #EndCheetahTrafficking!

Your support will help us intensify our efforts to educate local communities, collaborate with governments, partners, and law enforcement to reduce demand and supply, support confiscation missions and provide life-saving care.

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