James Borrell: Solving conflicts in cheetah country (with a little help from man’s best friend)

A Charismatic Carnivore

I’m writing this from the shade of an enormous baobab tree in Botswana’s Tuli block. Towering like a monolith, the ancient bark is grey and wrinkled like elephant skin, and its girth must be seven or eight meters, much like an elephant too. Crested barbets and Meyer’s starlings play in the maze of branches that reach out in a confusing mess of directions. I wonder if a Tentsile has ever been rigged up in a baobab – now there would be a challenge! A short distance away is the mighty Limpopo river, across which lies South Africa. This little corner of land is tucked away, off the beaten track, and so still a haven for wildlife. It’s the perfect place to reflect on what we’ve learnt so far.

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