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Paws on the ground partners in conservation

The Livestock Guarding Dog programme is one of CCF’s most successful initiatives. We breed and train the dogs at our Model Farm in Namibia, then place them with farmers in ‘hot spots’ of human-wildlife conflict. These special animals use their imposing presence and loud bark warn off predators such as cheetahs, stopping farmers from trapping or shooting them. The programme is proven to reduce livestock losses to predators by up to 90%.

Livestock guarding dogs play a major role in our holistic conservation strategy. We need your help to grow the programme so we can secure a future for the cheetah, and all who share its landscape.

Help us care for our dogs

CCF manages the care of almost 200 breeding and active working dogs. Each one needs our support. We ensure our dogs and young pups get the food they need to thrive. We also visit farms throughout the year to undertake health checks, provide essential vaccinations and to ensure farmers continue to treat their dogs well.

There is currently a four-year waiting list of farmers in need of a livestock guarding dog – each one struggling to sustain a livelihood due to loss of livestock but with your help we can. With your help, we can change this and deploy an additional 50 dogs this year.

Sponsor the livestock guarding dog programme so we can care for our amazing dogs and tackle increasing levels of farmer-predator conflict across Namibia.



Get Involved - Go Walkies!

This November, we are challenging dogs and their owners to Go Walkies, collectively aiming to clock up 7000 km - 1km for each cheetah left in the wild today. Sign up today to take part.



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