My Cheetah, by Sara

Sara the CheetahIn 2015, Ree Park Safari (Denmark) announced a litter of three cute cheetah cubs, and I was invited to join them (on day 5) to make a visit with the vet to see if the cubs were OK. I got to weigh all three cubs and they were all fine and I could feel they were super soft even though I had gloves on! One of the cubs did not want to get back with the other cubs, but I got it back to its siblings.

After the check, Ree Park Safari had a big surprise for me! They had three older cubs, two females and one male, and only the male had a name so they said that I could choose which of the females should be named Sara – after me!!! I was very surprised and happy, and I chose the one with the big white tail-tip.

Sara the cheetah was to become part of the international breeding program and was shortly after moved to Dierenrijk in Holland. Dierenrijk was good at giving me information and small updates, photos and videos of Sara’s life in the zoo – it has been so nice to follow her progress.

Early this year Dierenrijk told me that Sara had to move to another zoo (also in Holland) to see if she could get pregnant. The new zoo, Beekse Bergen, has told me that Sara is doing well and has quite a personality but she has not yet been rutting, so she is not pregnant. They hope that it will happen soon and that she has lots of cute cubs…which I hope that I will get to see some day!


  1. Karina says:

    So cool, Sara.
    Such an interesting story, you share.
    I can feel your love and respect for these very special animals.

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