Our new cheetah-saving vehicle, thanks to you!

We love sharing good news and this specifically put a very big smile on our faces! Last year, our monthly supporters and donations to our Tour De Cheetah event were sent over to our illegal wildlife trade team to support their crucial cheetah rescue and care work.

Through our illegal wildlife trade fundraising campaigns in 2020, we raised a huge £25,000! This has allowed us to purchase a new vehicle for our Somaliland team, who will use it to support cheetah rescue missions led by our partner, the Somaliland Ministry of Environment & Rural Development (MoERD), and to aid in the development of a permanent cheetah rescue centre.

The Somaliland government has set aside 800 hectares of land for CCF to develop a cheetah sanctuary. The new sanctuary will house the 56 cheetahs currently being cared for in three cheetah safe houses CCF built in Hargeisa, the capital city of Somaliland, during 2019 and 2020, which provided temporary housing and care for rescued cubs.
Geed-Deeble, the site where the new sanctuary will be built, is about an hour's drive from Hargeisa, and the CCF Somaliland Team will use the vehicle to travel to the site during construction. In addition, the vehicle will be used by CCF to visit rural communities and schools throughout Somaliland to raise awareness for cheetahs and wildlife.
Thank you to everyone who donated, took part, sponsored our cyclists and shared our social media posts. This is an incredible achievement and we are so grateful to you all.

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