Company giving and partnerships

> Charity Challenge
CCF UK has launched a Charity Challenge so it can raise vital funds to save one of the planet’s most unique species from extinction. You can find out more about our Charity Challenge by downloading our helpful Challenge Guide document. Alternatively, contact Faith Griffiths, Head of Fundraising on


> Cause-related marketing
CCF UK want to work with trusted brands to create consumer facing campaigns that can increase awareness of cheetah conservation as well as raise much needed funds. Collaborations such as this can also help to increase profile, online presence and sales.



> Programme sponsorship
CCF UK offer a wide range of sponsorship opportunities that have tangible and measurable results. By becoming a CCF UK sponsor, your company can also make great strides towards achieving the United Nation’s Goals for Sustainable Development.



> Employee Fundraising
Fundraising or volunteering for a charity offers an engaging and unique way for staff to enhance their skills and contribute to wider society and, in this case, make a global and positive impact in supporting cheetah conservation. CCF UK can work with you to provide tailored fundraising ideas to suit your staff.


> Payroll and Matched Giving
Payroll and Matched Giving are simple yet effective ways for company and employees to raise funds for their favourite causes. Through the Payroll Giving scheme, donations are taken before tax, giving immediate tax relief on the donation. Matching employees gifts can often encourage deeper engagement with the charity.


Gifts in Kind are also a fantastic way to utilise your company’s assets and professional skills, while achieving your Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

For more information about our current partnerships you can visit our partner pages. Or for more information about becoming a CCF UK partner, please contact our fundraising team on