Rain in Namibia!

To start off the year with a toast! We are very happy that last week we finally started getting some good rain, very exciting to see all our rain gauges in the reserve almost full (~100 mm) and some of the earthen dams that had dried up with water again. With the rain lots of critters come out; we see the red velvet mites soon after the first big rains, and also leopard tortoises start coming out. We also get into the mushroom season!

‘Omajowa’ is the Herero and Ovambo word for these mushrooms that come out of the termite mounds, they play a key role in social homeostasis in termite colonies. When the rains come they start appearing at the foot of the mounds and can weigh up to 1kg! They’re edible and are absolutely delicious! Hoping this is just the start of a good rainy season here in Namibia!


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