Run for Team Cheetah!

BEHOLD…Team Cheetah!

Now we all know cheetahs are the fastest land mammal, reaching top speeds of up to 120 km/h. But, how fast can a human run? Well, the fastest recorded human ever is Usain Bolt who reached 27.8km/h in 2009. However, not all races are about speed, some are about stamina, reaching personal bests or achieving personal goals, and others are all about saving the cheetah.
The wonderful people below are the founding members of Team Cheetah – CCF UK’s running squad. First up, they will be tackling the Great North Run, taking place in Newcastle on Sunday 8th of September.

How you can help

Please help Team Cheetah by donating to help them achieve their amazing fundraising goals !

Sarah K

“I may not be nearly as fast as a Cheetah but am running to help keep the species from extinction. Cheetahs were born to run in the wild and being the most endangered ‘big cat’ in Africa they need our help.”

Sponsor Sarah

Curtis T

“I think a running cheetah is the most beautiful animal to watch, and as someone who has run long distance races before I feel as though I must help out my fellow feline runners by raising money for CCF UK (although I run much further and slower than a cheetah). Plus the Great North Run is a bucket list race, and any chance to take part is an added bonus! “

Sponsor Curtis

Emma P

“I’m running the Great North Run for Cheetah Conservation Fund UK to help save the cheetah from extinction”

Sponsor Emma

Robert K

By working together we can save a species, what an amazing concept!

Sponsor Robert

Join us!

Why not dust off your running shoes and JOIN Team Cheetah’s  Squad and help #SaveTheCheetah?
If you have a place at an upcoming event (run, triathlon or anything else) and you would like to fundraise for us please do get in touch with
All runners receive a water bottle and a CCF UK sports shirt (style of your choice) plus support along the way and fundraising tips.

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