Run Like a Cheetah

Run Like a Cheetah

To catch never-before-seen footage of a Cheetah at full-speed, the film crew needed equipment that was just as quick. Credit: Anna Place (BBC)

“The problem with filming cheetahs is fairly obvious,” explains Nick Easton, producer director on the BBC’s latest wildlife blockbuster Big Cats. “They’re the fastest land animals, so you can’t follow them running on foot, and they’re quite slender and nimble so driving alongside in a truck is too dangerous. In the end, we hacked some new technology, managed to capture a cheetah at full stretch in slow motion and saw things no-one has ever filmed before.”

Big Cats – just like the BBC’s recent David Attenborough spectacular Blue Planet II – is laced with unprecedented close-ups and never-before-seen behaviours from some of the natural world’s most iconic animals. The series covers almost every big hunting cat – from cheetah to lion to jaguar to the more obscure Black-footed cat and the Pallas cat. But to get world-first footage was as much the result of the hacker’s art as it was the filmmakers art.

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