Running the London Marathon for cheetahs – Oren Horesh

With cheetahs being the fastest land mammal it’s no surprise they are an inspiration for many runners to dust off their running shoes and hit the nearest road, park or, in Oren Horesh‘s case, marathon! This April, Oren is running the London Marathon to raise money for CCF UK and has been on a fundraising mission – starting with an office bake sale, and now organising a cheetah-themed pub quiz!

Oren’s stylish approach will help him stand out amongst the crowds in the marathon – and he was even selling these wonderful socks to get other runners ‘feline fine’ when they’re out on the track and help him get closer to his fundraising target.

Oren said, “As wildlife comes under a constant threat from habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict, I find no better cause to secure our natural environment than support CCF UK – an organization tackling the staggering decline of the Cheetah. This April I will embrace the power of the cheetah and run the London Marathon. ”

Oren is aiming to raise £1,750 for CCF UK to help us save the cheetah – so if you’d like to sponsor him, please head on over to his Just Giving page to help him reach his target. Or if you see these leggings run past you as you watch the runners whizz by, give him an extra big cheer!

Thanks for all your hard work Oren!

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