September’s featured photographer – Shannon Wild

I’ve had the pleasure of documenting cheetahs in many countries from South Africa and Namibia to Zambia and Kenya.
I have an interesting history with photographing and filming cheetah. A year after relocating to South Africa from Australia I was mauled by a ‘habituated’ cheetah while documenting it at a conservation sanctuary where I had special access.
I was out of work for 3 months as I recovered and still have painful nerve damage even five years later, but you know what?  It was completely my own fault, in my focus to ‘get the shot’ I missed all the clear signs and signals she gave out and I paid the price for underestimating a wild animal.
I was lucky to walk away from that encounter, but I left with an incredible respect for this cat species and even more admiration than I had before.
Since then I’ve documented many more wild and ‘habituated’ cheetah in an attempt to spread the story of their plight both far and wide.
These incredible cats need our understanding, respect and attention.
I’m still constantly in awe of their absolute beauty, their stealth and speed.  It truly is a beautiful thing to watch them at full pace … and very challenging to film I might add!

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